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     Felicia "Lady Rayne" McCloud

    #TNM inc."You're the Music & We've Got Your Back"


    #TNM is made up of a small focus group. We take on all projects on a case by case basis. Request to apply GET REAL HELP Now!


    Ask NOT what #TNM can do for YOUR CAREER, 


    The #TNM #MusicFAM 2011-2016

    #TNM CEO 

    Jul 2011 – Present


    The mission of #TNM is to protect and aid the support and vision of artists throughout the world by providing them with the necessary tools that allow them to reach all of their stated career goals…

    • The New Movement (also referred to as “#TNM”) is an organization devoted to supporting the needs of musicians throughout the various stages of their careers. From legal aid to managerial guidance and promotions, #TNM has the expertise and staff in place to revolutionize the music industry. Musicians will no longer have to seek out a trusted partner. #TNM will guide artists through the complicated music process to help avoid the classic career mistakes.

    • The #TNM brand encompasses the following entities:#TNM of Love on the Web Inc. (Non Profit), TNM, Small Guy Records, Inc. and The New Movement, LLC. Founded by Ms. Felicia “Rayne” McCloud, Ms. Cassandra T. A. James, Mr. Ginno Valencia and Mrs. Vanessa Pacquette,

    • For More Info Request Our Business Plan. tnm@tnmwordup.com

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    #TNM Lady Rayne Presents LLC.

    #TNM Events Company 

    Founder/ CEO 

    Apr 2014 – Present


    Lady Rayne Presents:
    •Events & Promotions
    •Networking, Marketing and Social Media
    •Artist Development, Consultation, and Performance Training
    •Business & Life Enhancement Services


    Apr 2014 – Present


    Small Guy Records
    The mission of SGR is to give the Music Industry back to the Artists who's talent creates ALL of it's revenue. Once funded this project will save many failing small independent record labels and turn many artists into major label owners. For more information on this project and investment opportunity please contact Lady Rayne LadyRayneinc@outlook.com or ladyrayne@consultant.com Phone 888-292-1329 ext 007 Mobile: 717-608-9476 or on Linkedin.

    #TNM LLC. ( Lady Rayne Invests)

    Real Estate Investor 

    Jan 2014 – Present


    #TNM BE Original BE Awesome. BE Innovative. #ITsBoutDaDeal

    Premier Harrisburg PA. Real Estate Investment Company
    Purchase , investment property at 50 to 60% of market.
    investing@ladyrayne.com 888-316-6721 ext 112










    #TNM, You're the #Music & We've Got Your Back!


    Felicia Rayne’ll McCloud, commonly known as "Lady Rayne" is a Serial entrepreneur,Real Estate Investor, Self Help Adviser, and Music Industry professional based in Harrisburg PA.

    Born February 4 1978 this 36 year old hard core business woman is paving her own path to success in record time. She started #tnm The New Music Movement only 2 short years ago and has managed to gain the love & trust of the indie music community, by way of her intense advocacy. Many talented artists join her in her fight to “Create a More Ethical Music Industry." In 2014 Lady Rayne will launch “#TNM Lady Rayne Presents” a brand new innovative events & promotion company.

    Lady Rayne majored in religion & philosophy at Florida Memorial University which gives her a leadership quality laced in the finest of "yin & yang"you may even know Felicia as "Yakman Buddha spiritual Advisor, Life Coach and Teacher. ( search Yakman Buddha on Google).

    She was not taught the music industry she has lived it. Being raised by one of the most intense live performers in the UK, Lillie Nicole McCloud, "The Lady" Rayne has been exposed and mentored by some of the biggest players in the game. Find Lady Rayne McCloud on LinkedIn, #Follow #TNM Every Where. http://appearoo.com/TheNewMovement


  • Social Media


    Public Relations


    Social Networking

    Music Industry



    Florida Memorial University

    Philosophy and Religious Studies Present - Present


    Leadership, Character, Service
    We are Proud
    Florida Memorial’s history and traditions reach back to 1879. Our legacy of determination and accomplishment has made us the only historically black university in southern Florida. We are a culturally diverse institution, transforming lives and helping to create a future for people from many races, ethnicities, countries, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. Members of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni take every opportunity possible to express pride in the institution.

    Liberty University

    Religion/Religious Studies Present - Present


    Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on more than 7,000 beautiful acres in Lynchburg, VA, Liberty offers over 450 programs from the certificate to the doctoral level, and is home to more than 100,000 residential and online students.

  • See: www.tnmwordup.com


    www.TheNewMovement.com for more Info


    Investment Oppurtunities


    "YES. Great leaders are born! However they are nothing until great people discover them and amazing people faith to  follow them."

    -Lady Rayne McCloud


    Lady Rayne McCloud #TNM CEO Mobile: 717-608-9476 Office: 888-316-6721


    Call Any Time Day or Night Just Hit Me on The Mobile Number! #Love2U - Lady Rayne 


    888-316-6721 ext112

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Area